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So regarding my last post, a VERY popular dating offer did go down to optimize their data, which lead to a lot of big POF affiliates pausing their campaigns while they find another offer to plug in. OPEN CALL TO NETWORKS w/ DATING OFFERS, if your MAINSTREAM offer is currently looking for volume, please contact me and I’ll connect you to some affiliates. 

Moving on, it’s a no brainer that you should take into considerations the dating norms of the country you’re targeting. Dating differs country to country and heck, even state to state! So, doing a Google search for “dating advice” for the country you’re targeting is an excellent way to learn the norms. Or, if you’re like me and you have awesome affiliate friends, you get it forwarded to you :D (Thanks Cory!) 

So, check out this link, it’s pretty interesting! 

Lastly, how many of you affiliates will go through registration of the offer? I was reminded today of how many guys will only look at CPL price without checking out the reg path. It’s worth your time to see if the reg path is good b/c that will impact your bottom line. What if registration is 10 pages long?! What if the reg path isn’t mobile optimized? 


That’s right, female traffic <50 logs can be bought for around $0.50, which is CHEAP. Did a big offer die in the last week or something? Regardless, get it while it’s CHEAP!


This year’s ASE was smack in the middle of Times Square! Talk about BUSY, holy smokes. It was like boxing day shopping 24/7 for 5 days! Here are some highlights! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank some people who were generous enough to invite my wife and I to their private events.

Saturday: Fly into the city and had dinner w/ the Peerfly crew! Love hanging out with these guys, it’s always good food and big laughs. I would consider Peerfly one of the top tier networks to run your dating campaigns through (but they certainly have more than that!). Ask for Luke, say BenPOF sent you :)

Sunday: Went on a BOAT CRUISE with Mike Pacheco from CashedOutMedia with a their top affiliates. This was a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of ASE as we sailed around and I FINALLY got a picture of the Statue of Liberty. They also had a draw for Versace sunglasses and the grand prize of a $3000 Versace neck piece which I WON! 



This says a LOT from a network when they’re willing to spoil their business partners with a cruise/awesome prizes. If you’re looking for non-dating offers, hit up Mike. They’ve got a lot of international, non-English stuff too.

Monday: Had dinner with Jeff Greenberg & his fiancee from 50OnRed. Went to a place called Quality Meats and it was damn good! 50OnRed is a traffic source that offers Pops, Intext and Search. So if you’re looking for that type of inventory, hit him up!


Also thanks to AdSimilis/AffPlaybook for the early meetup, lots of fun and I’m glad I was able to have a cookie :D Also, I realize I need to take more pictures and will do IN VEGAS 2015 :)



Hello Readers,

I’m amazed at the quality of information coming from Charles’ blog. You’d usually have to pay money to get knowledge this good! Anyway, I’ve read through his blue print and I agree with it all. Improve your skills now and check out the post!


You don’t find winning campaigns, you create them.
– Charles Ngo


I just did an analysis of Q1 & Q2 and CPM’s in the UK are ~20% less than Canada/US and the UK converts VERY well. To give you an idea, last year Canada was ~20% less than US and UK. Guess everyone got distracted and focused on North America! This includes Ireland as well :) So find some UK campaigns, there’s money to be made BIG TIME! Most popular verticals there were dating and health and beauty. Hope this helps!


Hey readers,

Well as temperatures rise so do advertiser ROI! It’s no secret that summer time is one of the best seasons for dating. Everyone’s motivated to get out there and enjoy the sun! People wait the entire year for this season so the chances of them paying for a dating site ARE higher. Maximize on the next 3 months right? Anyway, have you come up with your summer-related angles yet? Here are some to get you started

Obvious ones:
– Find someone to enjoy the sunshine with
– Summer love is NOW!
– Women are 47% more likely to accept your date when it’s sunny! (no idea if this is true LOL)
– Don’t waste another summer alone!

And for fun, here’s some angles that I’ve never seen advertised on POF:

- “Date a girl who’s had only 1 or 2 boyfriends”.
– “Date a girl who’s chosen to never had a boyfriend.. until now”
– “Date a girl who’s not going to spend your hard earned money”
– “Date a girl who doesn’t mind spending her money on you”
– “Date a girl with tiny/giant feet”
– “Date a girl that prefers beer over books”
– “Date a girl who isn’t hairy” …. I don’t know, that’s a desperation suggestion so I’m going to stop now. Or date a hairy girl, WHO KNOWS.

Summer 2014, let’s make this a good one ladies and gents!


I thought it’d be fun to take a look back to see which blog posts get the most views. I figured the most helpful ones would have been seen the most but I quickly realized this wasn’t the case! The one with the most views (by far) has more entertainment value than anything :) So, here they are!

10. Shannon’s Maiden Guide on How to Advertise to Women (PART 2)
– Not surprised here, women make up almost half of the demographic on POF so you’d be wise to learn how to advertise to them. I got Shannon to write this one because it’s better to get a woman’s perspective right?

9. Required Readings For POF Success
– A mini collection of SUPER important readings from 2012, still relevant and features some cool tools that I don’t see a lot of affiliate using (WHICH THEY SHOULD! Save you time!)

8. $TRAFFIC$: Where is it CHEAPEST on POF?
– People like cheap traffic! Cheap traffic indicates demographics that don’t have much competition in them. This one is a little outdated but based on views it belongs on this list. CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATED VERSION

7. The MOTHERLOAD of blog posts. Here’s the most helpful post from me EVER.
– I remember this one. Such a good post! Here I show everyone a glimpse into someone’s account who was spending $600-$1000/day (depending on the day). It’s a technique that has worked in the past and is still working. Really cool that he let me show everyone :)

6. How many impressions are enough to test a creative?
– 1000 impressions? 10000 impressions? 1000000000000000000 impressions? Find out here :)

5. Shannon’s Maiden Guide on How to Advertise to Women (PART 1)
– Part 1 of Shannon’s guide to advertising to women! Just goes to show how many people didn’t make it to part 2 LOL

4. Beat your Competition By Duplicating Your Campaigns
– A strategy that works because it’s better to compete against yourself than it is to compete against other people.

3. New to POF? This is a MUST READ. Guest post by Justin Dupre!
– The noobie guide written by Justin Dupre. If you’re brand new to POF, you need to read this!

So the #2 most viewed blog post is a follow up to the #1 most viewed blog post so I’ll put them together. Part of the reason why they got so many views is because it somehow made it to the front page of hackernews. Without delay, here they are!

2. Follow-Up Case Study WITH Your Suggestions Implemented
– Skip this, check out #1 first and then come back.

1. Throw Everything You Know About Ads Out The Window (pics inside)
– I laughed, you laughed, pretty much everyone laughed. I don’t remember what the specifics were for revenue and what not, I think the crap ad edged out the pro ad by a conversion or 2. This might seem like common knowledge now but back in 2012, it was groundbreaking stuff. Hell back in 2012, mobile wasn’t even on the radar, it’s crazy this was only 2 years ago.

Well there you have it ladies and gents! The 10 most popular blog posts here! Are they the most HELPFUL to your business? Probably not haha there’s tons of gems here if you have some time to go back and look. Best of all? The education’s free and available for everyone. Please do your good deed of the day and share this with a noobie who you think might benefit from this, they’ll appreciate it.


Hello Readers!

It’s been a minute since I’ve written here so here’s something I think would save everyone a ton of time. I’m going to list out all the decline reasons we give out and list the most common reasons why you would have received this reason. Please bookmark this page for future reference!

Image: excessively large/unnatural breasts, buttocks focused, midrifts showing/bare chest for men:
– Pretty straight forward here! A good rule of thumb to go by is, “would this image get an office worker in trouble if they were caught viewing it?”.

Image: lingerie, bikini or any other inappropriate attire
– Inappropriate attire means booty shorts/short skirt/short dress (mid knee is an acceptable length), fetish outfits etc.

Image: Banner animation must have a minimum 2 second delay between frames
– No super fast moving ads on POF.

Image: Banners have a 3 pictures maximum, these 3 picture can only take up 50% of the ad
– Can’t have a banner that’s all picture, tends to blend in with the site.

Image: Banners must have a border
– We are looking for separation between site and ad here. There must be a clear indication of where the website stops and the ad starts.

Image: Banners must not be all text
– I’m debating removing this one but it’s all written banners with no graphics.

Image: Celebrity, member of POF or using POF Colors
– We use Google Image to reverse search images to see if it’s a celebrity. Here is a TUTORIAL on how to do it

Image: Contains a trademark or copyright
– Can’t use other websites to falsely endorse your product

Image: Incorrect size (text illegible or image skewed in appearance)
– When you upload an image that’s far too big into a space that’s far too small (ex. 300×250 into a 110×80 space).

Image: Misleading content or ad contains an element that could be confused with a POF feature
– Elements that do not perform the function they advertise. Ex. Youtube play button on an ad, the ad doesn’t actually play, hence it’s misleading.

Image: Person in the creative appears to be below the legal age
– This one is subjective but we don’t allow this for obvious reasons. This gets tricky with Asian female creatives because you don’t know if they’re 15 or 30 (I’m Asian, I can say this haha)

Image: Soldier images must be verified royalty-free images before being approved. Please email ben@pof.com and cyndi@pof.com for verification and approval
– HUGE one. An affiliate had legal action taken against them for using a soldier they were not allowed to use so we came up with this rule to help protect all parties.

Image: Too sexual in nature/carries a sexual connotation
– Suggestive poses, genitalia shaped fruits/veggies,

Incomplete: The ad is missing information required to go live (incorrect image size, missing URL, incorrect ad text)
– Self-explanatory, your ad isn’t ready.

Landing Page: Cannot contain inappropriate images or Celebrities
– Similar to the image one but this specifies the infraction is on your landing page

Landing Page: Cannot contain Inappropriate language
– Including profanity, words that mean sex (hookup, intimate encounter, love butter..)

Landing Page: If targeting Brazil/Mexico/Spain/France, ad must be translated to the appropriate language.
– This applies to the ad as well. Note that you can target non-English ads in English speaking countries as long as you select the correct ethnicity.

Landing Page: Must specify the charge for rebill (often found in the offer’s terms and conditions page).
– LP must say the PRICE of the rebill.

Landing Page: Offensive or misleading content
– Examples include stuff like, “HEY FATTY, you looking to lose weight?” or “Hey ugly, can’t get a date?”

Landing page: Redirects to an incorrect offer OR doesn’t load properly.
– When the redirect goes to a shopping offer and your ad is dating or when the page just 404’s

Landing Page: References POF (the POF trademark may not be used without permission)
– Can’t use our name!

Offer: Adult related sites/product
– Includes adult dating, porn, adult products (including toys, clothing, pills).

Offer: 100% Free Dating Site
– We don’t advertise our competition

Offer: No gambling offers in the USA
– Self-explanatory.

Offer: Offer charges for receiving text messages
– Super scammy offers charging people for receiving texts… you can’t control how many you receive right?

Ad Text: Cannot call out the user’s ethnicity or “widowed” status
– Response to user complaints, they didn’t like it when these 2 things were called out so they’re not allowed anymore.

Ad Text: Cannot mention “100% free”, “plenty of” or reference POF.
– Basically can’t use stuff that we use for our branding.

Ad Text: Cannot suggest a certain demographic can join for free
– We got accused of being discriminatory because we allowed ads in the past to say stuff like “white men join for free” so to the user it suggested that all other ethnicities could not join for free, which is understandable, hence this rule. There are 3 exceptions to this rule: age, geography and gender (these are allowed to say they can join for free)

Ad Text: Contains Sexual Content (including extra-marital dating) or overly aggressive text (including insulting our users)
– No words that mean sex or that certain demos are DESPERATELY CRAVING _________.

Ad Text: DATING ADS cannot use first person POV (I, me), third person POV (he, she, him, her) or names as this references the person in the creative
– This rule came up as a result of user complaints. Basically the user was upset that the person in the graphic wasn’t actually on the site they signed up for after clicking the ad. You may be face palming right now and I don’t blame you.

Ad Text: DATING ADS must have an action (sign up, register). Website name will also suffice.
– Your ad text requires a call to action that suggests to our users they are leaving our site (sign up, register). Please note “click here” does not suffice because it does not carry the same indication.

Ad Text: Inappropriate grammar, capitalization, symbols or spelling does not adhere to our guidelines
– We are pretty lenient on this one since we recognize not all advertisers are native English speakers. We use this rule when the grammar/spelling is REALLY bad or when people spam symbols like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ because it’s annoying to look at.

I’ll update this with examples as they come about but this is a pretty good list to start you off!


Happy Friday everyone!

As many of you already know, our industry definitely has a drinking culture. Check out our newest research driven blog post that explores drinking habits of singles based on where they live, and the kind of relationship they’re seeking!

Here are the top 10 cities with the heaviest drinkers from the PlentyOfFish analysis:

1. Jacksonville, North Carolina – 64.4 % more likely to drink often
2. Jackson, Mississippi – 63.9 % more likely to drink often
3. Norfolk, Virginia – 62.4 % more likely to drink often
4. San Bernadino, California – 62.3 % more likely to drink often
5. Killeenn, Texas – 56.5% more likely to drink often
6. Temple, Texas – 56.4% more likely to drink often
7. New Orleans, Louisiana – 55.4% more likely to drink often
8. South Lake Tahoe, California – 46.9% more likely to drink often
9. Portsmouth, Virginia – 46.7% more likely to drink often
10. Tyler, Texas – 46.4% more likely to drink often

For more awesome data, CLICK HERE!

The Internet marketing world changes quickly and constantly, there is no denying that. There are a countless number of gurus out there preaching simple tricks to make money online and new, guaranteed ways to ensure cash pours out of your disk drive. But the truth is that there isn’t always some brand new revolution nor it is making money online all about cracking some secret code. The majority of the time it just comes down to creativity, willingness to always be testing, and learning form those that have done it before and focusing on proven methods that work.

And hopefully that is why Ben asked me to put together a post sharing a bit of my experience, knowledge and of course some of the trials and tribulations I have been through during my Internet marketing career. But before we get into all of that, I guess I owe you a bit of an introduction.

My name is Alex Aron and along with being a web designer for as long as I can remember and running Hyper6 and Outleased.com, I have also run almost 440,000,000 impressions (yes, almost half a billion impressions) on POF alone. Working on both sides of the coin has allowed me to really carve out an idea of what works when creating landing pages and what elements are required for a profitable campaign.

Up until fairly recently I was also an affiliate working in a variety of verticals, but mainly focusing on email submits, dating, diet (selling straight sale products and pushing free trials), general health, skin, ecigs, games for girls, games for guys, and a whole bunch of other campaigns in between. One of my favorite traffic sources has and always will be Plenty of Fish. The amount of traffic they have is staggering, and you will be hard pressed to find more affordable clicks anywhere else, as long as you set up proper targeting and optimize your campaigns.

And of course, while click prices are obviously a focal point of any campaign, having Ben available seemingly 24 hours a day is also a huge reason why running with POF makes so much sense.

This brings me to my blog post about landing pages. I’m sure that’s what you’re interested in anyways so I’ll stop with all the rambling and move right into campaigns, landing pages, and what I have found works in my experience.

I have an example for you below. Lets just go with the basics – landing pages or direct linking?

Direct linking vs Pre-sell Landing pages.
It’s shocking how many people get into affiliate marketing and have no concept or understanding of what direct linking is vs. using a pre-sell page. Generally, whatever offer you’re running has a landing page that can be referred to as a sales page (that’s the page you’d see when you get your link from your affiliate network).

Depending on the offer, it may make sense to use a pre-sell page rather than the direct link right off the bat. Essentially what a presell page does, is “sell” the user before they even see the offer page that you’re promoting.

For example here is a pre-sell page I used for a long time for a campaign known as “Richmen”:


This lander, when targeted properly, had a 70-80% click through rate (70-80% of people who saw this page, ended up clicking through to the offer). Add in approximately a 45%+ conversion rate and you can get yourself a pretty decent campaign. The pre-sell page doesn’t even need to be much different from the offer page itself but a little continuity can always help (so the user doesn’t
feel like they’ve ever seen a “pre-sell” page, they just assume it’s a normal part of the sign-up process).

Notice the landing page looks very similar to the offer itself http://www.richmen.com, however with one important difference: The section on the right now has the benefits (or you can substitute these for “rules”) as well as 2 large CTA’s (call to actions). The men also appear “online” which of course leads the visitor to believe there are people online, waiting to talk right now. We have a nice large headline, which is calling out the specific targeting options we put in our ad. For example, this ad was for women 30-38 years old, in the US who are “big & tall, BBW, a few extra pounds, or average”. Notice it calls out their age, body type, location, even gives men of different ages who are “online” so she can find one she is interested in.

While this campaign also worked when we just direct linked, I saw better results when I would use the pre-sell page. Why? Maybe it’s because women liked the fact that the page called out their body type. They liked the fact that this website has men specifically looking for a woman that looks like her. You can see that while the direct linked page, http://www.richmen.com looks fine, its missing a lot of elements from the pre-sell page that will really help you boost conversions with that targeted traffic.

Look at it this way, would you likely click on ad that is calling out your body type? For example “Skinny Guys Click Here – Our girls love you!” or something like “Meet Hot Girls!”? Once you’ve clicked on the ad, again our pre-sell page is letting you know that the girls you will meet like skinny guys. Thus you will be more likely to convert, while being good quality for the advertiser since you’re thinking all the girls want skinny dudes like you and you’re likely to stick around and interact.

Direct linking certainly has its place, but from my experience, whenever possible I will always run a pre-sell page, at least to test it. It wont always beat out the direct linked page by a mile but almost always I will see higher conversions and less of a bounce.
Which in turn means higher ROI and more money in my pocket.

Landing pages are your friends, and if you want success you have to know how to use them wisely. And remember there is no need to overdo it.

To wrap up this post I wanted to show you guys a few of the ads I ran. These are just a few examples but I think they will give you some ideas or at least some inspiration for your next campaign. Some of theses ads performed well, some tanked, but it gives you an idea of what to test. Remember that {age:} will insert the viewers age and {state:} will of course insert their state.

{state:} Millionaires
They have $ and want to spend it on a girl who’s curvy! Click to JOIN FREE!

{state:} Sugar Daddies
These men have $ and want to spend it on a girl who has some curves! Click to JOIN FREE!

Date a {state:} Millionaire
Browse 1000’s of Wealthy, Single {age:} yr/old Men in {state:}. View profiles, stories, & more. Click to join FREE.

200+ Millionaires in {state:}
These men have money and want to share it with someone who’s in shape. Click to JOIN FREE.

Rich Men like Few Extra Lbs
Browse 1000’s of rich, single, good looking millionaires in {state:}. You deserve to be happy too! Click to join FREE

Date {age:} yr/old Millionaires
Our rich members are begging us for more women who are “a few extra pounds” and from {state:}. Click to join FREE

900+ Millionaires Online
Browse 1000’s of rich men in {state} instantly who your father would approve of. *Warning* These men want women who are a little heavier. Join FREE

Hopefully this gives you some insight into how a dating campaign works using a pre-sell page. You will still to put in the work to get your tracking, targeting, offers and bids right. It’s not done overnight, but those who are patient will find themselves a very rewarding career in affiliate marketing once they find what works for them.

For all your design needs whether it be landing pages, HTML or WordPress websites, banners, logos, product shots or anything else – please contact me today at Hyper6 for a free quote!

Thank you Alex! Whether you’re an affiliate or offer, it’s worth touching base w/ Alex to see if he can increase your page’s performance.



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