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Big congrats to our CEO, Markus Frind for winning the 2013 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Information Technology!

Tonight’s a big night for us! I think our chances are pretty good :) Will keep everyone up to date on the result.

For information on how POF got started, read this blog entry from Markus’s blog: How I started A Dating Empire

Have a great weekend everyone!


Hello readers!

Burnout happens. It sucks but we all know every ad has it’s day :( But what if you could flick a button and all of a sudden have that ad perform again immediately? Well, theoretically, you can!

Really juicy post today! No one has ever thought of using height to combat ad burnout so bear with me, it’s a good one.


You make 2 campaigns. One campaign targets the even heights (5’0″, 5’2″, 5’4″ etc) and the other group targets the odd heights (5’1″, 5’3″, 5’5″ etc). This assumes that there will be similar #’s of people in each group, which I think is a reasonable assumption if you average it out.

Split test 5 ads in the even group and split test 5 different ads in the odd group. This is key here because if you put the same ad in both campaigns, then that defeats the purpose. This is beneficial because split testing 5 ads in 2 separate campaigns feels a lot less taxing than 10 ads in 1 campaign.

Then when you see burnout happening, swap height targeting! Even > Odd and Odd > Even. You’ll be showing already split tested ads to a brand new demo! This would theoretically work with any demo where you can draw the line down the middle but I think height’s the best one.

Another way to use this is if you have a successful campaign with good ROI and you don’t want to compromise that performance by putting more ads in, set up a test campaign targeting only even or odd heights. That way you give exposure for your test ads to 50% of the audience, gauge performance, and transfer the good ROI ads to the full-power campaign.

Hope this helps!


Hello friends,

I’m excited for this change! So, previously, if you signed up to POF as a new user, you would not see 300×250 ads. As of today, NEW USERS SEE 300×250 ADS ONCE MORE! If you haven’t tested this size out in a while, I suggest you try it out with “Months Since Signup” to get at these brand new users via another ad size!

Second item of business, the health angle works. Tested and verified by multiple affiliates :) In my opinion, the ads I’ve seen with the health-angle can be very much improved upon. Let’s see who can figure out the best health-related angle to reap in TONS of $$$! To the victor goes the spoils!

Third, yesterday, I was promoted to Advertising Manager at POF! Which means I get to take on larger projects that involve working with some of the POF team that I previously haven’t had a chance to work with. This is exciting for me and for you because who knows what kind of crazy awesome stuff we can come up with :) If you had a wacky suggestions, I’d love to hear them! Give me your ideal, best case, wildest feature and we’ll see if we can make it come true.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Vancouver’s in for a wind/rain storm, which means it’s going to be a video game/movie weekend for me!

Until next time,

USA WEEKEND - Sep 21 – Among those ages 50-65, the top three deal breakers are poor health (78%), financial instability (76%) and a potential partner they find physically unattractive (75%), according to survey. The survey also asked whether respondents want to marry at this stage of life. 51% wanting to marry and 49% is against it.


Who can spot the angle? We’ve all seen rich man/sugar mommy ads, we’ve all seen meet a hot guy/girl ads… how many of you have seen a dating health-related ad? I’ll tell you how many I’ve seen lately: ZERO.. even though it’s the #1 deal breaker!!

This makes me wonder, how many reverse “dealbreaker” angles are out there yet to be discovered? Spend today and do some research and I promise you there’s $ to be made!


What a nice surprise for Monday! The guys over at iPyxel really lays it all out for you in a very simple, easy to understand infographic.


They’re also the guys that made POFpro, which is the most complete POF 3rd party software to help you become successful. And if you don’t know what POFpro is, get yourself in the loop!
Check out the video

If you didn’t know, Tom and I worked out a deal where you would get 50% of your first paid month back in POF credits (after you tried it free for 30 days and decided it’s worth investing in). I think it’s worth it 100% but that decision is ultimately up to you.

Here’s the tracking link to sign with so we know who we need to credit:


Minor improvement: Targeting list has been reordered so it’s no longer a mishmash of random options! Also browser type has been renamed “browser/mobile”

New order:
Zip Code
Body Type
Hair Colour
Search Type
Marital Status
Looking to Marry Soon
looking for
Has Children
Education Level
Smoking Habits
Drinking Habits
Login Count
Months since sign up
Session Depth
Ads Clicked
Show to Converter

Don’t forget to read about our newest targeting option “Months since sign up” below!


So last night, it dawned on me & Markus that mobile users log-in a hell of a lot more than web users. For example, we checked out a certain time frame (forget what it was) and a web user logs in 8 times but a mobile app user logged in 32 times for that same time frame!! Since web users and mobile app users all share the same log-in count, a LOT of brand new users were blowing through <50 log-in count extremely quickly (some within 1 day).

So, we're introducing a new targeting option to deal with this issue to ensure you capture more of those juicy new users. The new option will be "months since signup" where you can target people by time period (regardless of log ins). So something like "targeting a user who has been registered for 0-30 days, 31-60…. 180+ etc" You should see a NICE increase in <50 login count quality impressions using this option.

You do lose out on the people who log into POF once every 2-3 weeks but I don't think those people are all that motivated to online date, let alone pay for an online dating offer anyway. This is live on the ad platform as I write this post but will take this afternoon to be implemented on Either way, this is a game changer ladies and gentlemen!!


This case study is brilliant! They did the “gamer” angle with consistent 100%+ ROI success! Details are on their blog!

It’s also worth it to note, they monetized 18-21 year old males.. a demo that is traditionally overlooked because “you can’t make money” on that demo. Well, you’re wrong and there’s proof! Just need the right angle. Good job gents!

No doubt they used their POFpro software to achieve these results so make sure you’re equipped with the tools to get you RESULTS. The tool is free for 30 days (no credit card required) and costs 2% of your spend (min $3/day, max $450/mo). Totally worth it IMO. Also, Tom is a good friend of mine so we worked out a deal to get you 50% of your first paid month back to you in the form of POF credits. Just make sure you use this link to sign up so we can track who gets credits.

To be honest the gamer angle isn’t something new.. but there just wasn’t anyone doing it. Also, note that the average age of a gamer is in their 30′s so I think you could replicate this case study with success if you scaled it past 18-21 yr old males.

So… are you noticing a trend based on my last few blog posts? Are you still wondering how to make money on POF?


TGIF Friends!

After a successful ASE2013 in Philly, I was reminded how much people enjoyed reading my blog so I’m going to try and write more often. The thing I wanted to discuss today was ways to find angles! This is something a lot of people struggle with and I think it’s because their eyes aren’t trained to find them. So let’s retrain your eyes! Let’s begin with a story :)

The first chore I did w/ my wife when I got home was move the couches so she could vacuum under them. There’s an advertising angle there ladies and gents!

“Tired to dating slobs? Meet a guy who cleans up after himself! 87% women agree, a clean guy is better! Sign up to meet them now”

“Tired of finding socks on the ground? Meet a guy who cleans up after himself….”

I think there’s potential here! Especially with single moms who are tired of cleaning up after their kids! Just look at yourself and all YOUR dirty habits and use that in your ads! Obviously keep it clean and compliant!

Also, this post made it around my group of Facebook friends (seriously good advice for men) Beautiful advice from a divorced man after 16 years of marriage Every single one of his 20 points CAN BE USED AS AN ANGLE.

Lastly, if you have friends that are in relationships/married, ask them “Hey ________, what are your top 3 pet peeves that your partner does?”. Then simply plug that into “Meet a guy/girl who doesn’t (pet peeve)”. BOOM!

There are so many angles out there, just make sure your eyes are seeing them :)



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