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Our first post is a summary of our VP Kim Kaplan’s presentation from ASE. Enjoy!!! We look forward to posting more soon and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to fire them our way!


The POF Team

1) Who’s your Sugar Daddy?

Compare offers across different networks as you can often get higher payouts and don’t be afraid to negotiate with your affiliate manager to get better rates.

2) Call out your user

Use various tactics to point out information about the user you’re trying to target. An easy way to accomplish this is by using dynamic insertion tags. We offer three insertion tags:

{age:default}    {state:default}    {gender:default}

These tags dramatically raise the CTR of ads as you can see with the following example:

3) Branding

Brand your campaigns as much as possible, include a brand or URL in your ad.

CTR is not a clear reflection of a campaigns success. POF ran a case study with Blo a blow dry bar.

Over the three week period in which their campaign ran page views dramatically increased and a month after their campaign ran page views continue to raise going from only 12,000 to over 120,000. Clicks during the campaign averaged around 20 a day and certainly did not account for the dramatic lift in user traffic as well as an 8% increase in bookings.

4) Bidding

The good old penny! 77% of advertisers on POF bid in five cent increments. Increasing your bid by a penny or two will lift you ahead of those competing for traffic at these levels. So start bidding 0.42, 0.61, 0.86.

5) Banners

Pretty isn’t always better.. just take a look at the ads we put out there. Try branching out from the typical images you see and ads provided by networks and see what happens to your CTR.

6) Burnout

Change out your creatives regularly. You call know what happens to your CTR if you stick with one ad for a significant period of time!

7) Creative Optimization

Everyone should be keeping track of which images as well as which titles and text combinations do well in their ads. POF recently added a tool that helps with this (granted only for those who have uploaded over 1000 creatives). This tool allows you to see which images, titles and text performed well individually so you can create various combinations of what should then become your best performing ads.

8 ) Cross Tab Reports

Another new feature on POF are cross tab reports. These are available once you’ve placed the conversion tracking pixel on your site. It provides you a demographic breakdown of everyone who clicked versus those that converted. You can then segment out different demographics, increasing the cpm for those that perform well and excluding those that perform poorly. In the examples below you would pay a much higher cpm for females 51+ than you would for those 18-30; however, you wouldn’t necessarily want to exclude the 18-30 yr olds as they still converted hence creating targeted campaigns with varying cpms. The second image presents the conversion percentages of these different demographics, helping decipher the information easily.