Okay, so a number of you out there wonder why your ads are getting declined. Drum roll…….

1) You’re living in the grey area! You upload images with excessive cleavage, people in provocative poses, and yes dead animals! There’s a fine line between what we accept and what we won’t, if you’re walking that line expect that sometimes your creatives will get approved and sometimes they wont!

2) Your ads confuse our users. We will decline the following: play buttons, ads that look as though they are new features of POF, ads that look like personals… the list goes on. Essentially if you’re trying to trick our users into clicking on your ad then yes we will decline it!

3) You’re uploading the wrong size image. The smaller ad units require an image that is 110×80 with text next to it, if you upload a 728, 300 or any other standard IAB unit your ad will get declined!

4) You’re  missing necessary information. For instance your ad text clearly states US yet you forgot to target the US. We’re here to help you guys and try to catch as many of these issues as possible.

5) You didn’t read our guidelines! Read them, know them, love them and we’ll love you back!


6) We’re all human! The ad approval team is made up of a number of different individuals who respond to ads in different manners. While we try out best to keep approvals consistent there are always going to be discrepancies.

So now you know why your creatives are getting declined, there are a whole slew of reasons your landers get declined… go back to point 5, read the guidelines again! Otherwise you could face one of these…