What should you bid?

Your bid should reflect your desired ROI. You’re looking for the highest return while still getting decent levels of traffic. Try one of the following:

1) Start at a mid level with your bids (0.40 – 0.60 depending on how targeted you are and where you’re bidding). Raise your bid if you have a good ROI and want more traffic, lower your bid if you want to see a better return.

2) Use conversion tracking – track which demographics are converting the best and create separate campaigns based on this information.  For example, if athletic university educated women convert the best raise the CPM to reach a higher percentage of that group. Conversely, if BBW men aren’t converting well lower that demographic’s CPM. Keep the remaining users at a CPM that makes sense and continue to segment out groups as you recognize their individual value.

3) Test out campaigns where you can get cheap traffic and then scale. The UK and Canada have a lot more traffic available at lower cpms than in the US. Try a campaign out there, figure out what works then port it over to the remaining countries.

4) Don’t forget about the penny trick, bid outside of the five cent increments.

Where should you bid?

1) POF of course!

2) UK traffic (there’s lots of remnant traffic available cheaply, think 0.10 cpms).

3) Canada not quite as much as UK but still some available cheap.

4) Outside of geography, once you’ve put $1,000 into your account you have access to the standard IAB sizes (300×250, 728×90 and 160×600). These ads show on different pages than the smaller units so it’s worth testing out both types of ads to see which convert best for particular offers. Different ad sizes may also convert better for a certain demographic.

Who should you bid on?

1) Niche markets where the conversions are much higher (single fathers with low income who like crossword puzzles and live in Scotland).

2) Men, fewer advertisers focus on them.

Didn’t want you to think I forgot about the other w’s… and the sometimes H.

When – Q4 is a great time to start testing the waters as leading up to the holidays there are lots of great offers out there, why not focus on single mothers with back to school and Halloween deals??!

Why advertise? There are a lot of advertisers killing it in our system right now!

How? Ads.pof.com