Profile page gets a facelift!

Recently, shifted a few things around on the user’s profile page. As a result, the 300×250 ad is located at the center of the page! This banner has, on average, experienced a CTR increase of 0.04%. I’ve volunteered my own POF profile as an example:
Britney Spears & POF?

POF is in Britney Spear’s new music video, “Hold It Against Me”! If you haven’t had a chance to see the video:
Watch Britney browse POF starting at 1:26.

Traffic on the website has increased 20% as a result!

Notible changes:

Due to negative user feedback, we can no longer call out “widowed” in the ads due or run ads that suggest only a certain type of person can join that offer for free. However, these changes have had minimal impacts on advertiser campaign performance. Overall, 2011 is off to a very strong start! With tax season coming soon, we recommend advertisers start digging for some tax offers as we’ve seen success with this vertical over the past few years.
Until next time!