Greetings! Let’s not waste valuable grinding time and get to it 🙂

POF offers 3 banner sizes: 728×90, 300×250 and 160×600 and this tip really only applies to the first 2.

Most advertisers will take the space available in a 728×90/300×250 and use it to promote 1 big picture, 1 headline and 1 ad text. But bigger, isn’t always better.

Consider this

You could fit multiple 110×80 text ads within the space of a 728×90/300×250. For example, you could fit (3) 110×80’s in a 728×90 to appeal to the same user using 3 different images, 3 different headlines and 3 different ad texts. This tip has helped a handful of guys achieve incredible CTR’s.

Ben’s next-level tip

Banners can also animate so you could swap out the images (subject to a 3 second delay between frames) and put an additional 3 images in! For a total of 6 images, 3 headlines and 3 ad texts in (1) 728×90 banner! The same could be done with a 300×250 but with 2 images for a total of 4 images, 2 headlines and 2 ad texts. I don’t recommend swapping out text because it does take longer to read than it does to look at a picture.

Well there you have it! An extremely good tip to keep you WINNING on POF’s Ad Platform