A question that I get asked almost daily is, “What demographics are currently under-targeted? I’m wanting some cheap traffic for my offers!”

Without further delay, here are the most open demographics on POF.com (#1 being the demographic with the most opportunity for cheap traffic) :

1. 18-30 Canada
2. 18-30 United Kingdom
3. 18-30 United States
4. 30-40 United Kingdom
5. 30-40 Canada
6. 30-40 United States
7. 40-50 United Kingdom

8. 40-50 United Kingdom
9. 30-40 United Kingdom
10. 18-30 United States
11. 40-50 United States
12. 18-30 United Kingdom
13. 18-30 Canada
14. 30-40 United States

Even though the United States has 60% of our traffic, Canada and the UK has more unsold inventory!

Now would be a good time to ping your AM to see what’s the best thing going in Canada and the UK. Combine this post with the previous post about banners and there’s a LOT of potential for success on PlentyOfFish.com!