With almost 500 views to our blog, I think Paul and I done well on this year’s April Fools prank 🙂 But alas, according to the April Fool’s official rules guide, we must admit to the prank before noon 🙂

In other, legitimate news, we have added “profession” to the conversion reports so you can now see if profession has an effect on the audience that converts on your offer. REALLY interesting stuff because profession is one of the most evenly balanced targeting options we have (ie. not 95% of POF traffic is in 1 choice). This is great because the same profession can be the best converting demographic for one offer and totally bomb on another offer.

If you’ve yet to use POF’s conversion pixel, I highly recommend you ping your AM to have them install it ASAP. POF literally shows you which demographics have the highest chance of converting in your campaign! Use this data to EXCLUDE THE NON-PERFORMING DEMOGRAPHICS. Which was found to be more effective than being inclusive of the best converting demographics.

Example conversion report (older one so there’s no profession on it but it gives you the gist):

That’s your Friday tip to keep you #WINNING on PlentyOfFish.com