You have a campaign and you’re spending $2/day and want MORE VOLUME! Here are some suggestions to help you get more traffic!

1. Is your targeting too tight?

– Are you looking for an 18 year old, overweight male who makes $150,000+/year, owns no car and is divorced? Over-targeting can be crippling to your campaign! Try loosening up your targeting options to get more traffic. Is your offer available in multiple countries? All ages? Here’s some helpful infomation:

So you should be able to spend pretty even amounts of $ in a 35-44 campaign compared to a 55+ campaign. Only difference is, perhaps one age group is more competitive than the other (ie. higher bids). Which brings us to…

2. Is your CPM too low?

– Let’s assume there was volume in above mentioned demographic yet, you’re unable to get any! An insight onto how CPM works on POF will help: the person bidding the highest CPM will get their maximum daily spend filled first, then the next highest bidder and so on and so forth. So if your bid is too low, you will not be given priority to get any volume.

Higher CPM’s also get placed on better converting pages on POF so quality of traffic is in direct relation with your bid.

Click here for an idea on what you should bid in the US!

3. Are you using all ad sizes?

– The 110×80 text ads & 728×90’s share a lot of the same pages (Any page with (3) 110×80’s laid horizontally will compete with the 728×90’s). The 300×250’s are exclusively on the profile pages and the 160×600 are exclusively in the user messages. Take advantage of them all for maximum volume!

4. Frequency Cap

– This controls the maximum # of times a user sees your ad between the time they log-in and log-out. Simply increasing the # will increase the volume you receive from the demographic! For some campaigns, it may take 3 ad exposures before a user takes action or it may take 6. The same offer, targeting different demographics may have different optimal frequency caps. Test your campaigns to see the what the optimal frequency cap is! You’ll know you’ve gone too far when you see a sharp decline in CTR in your ads.

Next week, we’ll use these same concepts and reveal how to best use them in combination with each other.

PLUS, an insight into log-in count that you won’t want to miss.