The reality about most campaigns is that 99% of them lose money initially and only start becoming profitable after some split testing. What I have for you today is a campaign that struck gold w/ 50% ROI immediately and after some split testing, doubled in ROI to 100%. A few keys points that I think helped initially:

110×80 ads. Everyone knows that we have awesome banners but don’t ever forget that it’s the 110×80’s that started it all! We can also dynamically insert user variables, which gives the 110×80’s an edge, not to mention lower CPM’s to get traffic.

No log-in count. Lower log-in count users are generally better quality in traffic but as a result, that demographic is extremely competitive. Higher log-in counts have less ads targeting them and therefor, LESS COMPETITION and lower CPM’s. Imagine you were the only person to show a demographic a niche-specific ad = $$$$$. This falls in line with what I’ve seen since the start: Undiscovered and untargeted niches have insanely high ROI’s.

So I present to you, a profitable campaign that is running LIVE on POF RIGHT NOW, just click on his logo and away you go! Big thanks to Cord for sharing!