Ever run a campaign and think, “Hmm, I wonder what my conversions would have been like if I excluded _________ demographic since the beginning?”.

Instead of creating a new campaign to split test your current campaign without ________ demographic, you can now exclude the demographic WITH THE CLICK OF A BUTTON.

For example, Take this sample conversion report, I’m going to click on the non-smoker demographic in the cross tab report to exclude non-smokers. I wonder how this will affect the conversion %’s. I chose non-smokers because it has a 9.798% chance to convert (which is low in the context of this campaign) and it has enough conversion #’s (121) to actually have an impact.

These are the results! As you can see, the majority of demographics have a higher % chance to convert so it looks like my campaign would have benefited by excluding the non-smoking demographic. Overall conversions # would be fewer but you’ll get more bang for buck when optimized.

So forget about creating 100’s of campaigns to split test a variable at time.

Point. Click. WIN.