Hello readers!

This post is going to teach you how to give your campaigns an automated “refresh”.

POF has an option to target users by log-in count, that is, targeting someone by the # of times they’ve logged in to POF.com, over their lifetime. So, if you only targeted people who have logged in 150-200 times (log in count), then that’s the only time they’re going to see your ad.

Here’s a valid and tested strategy I like to call “Log in count breaks”. This idea is based on the fact that your campaigns will tend to die out the longer you keep them running. If you paused them for a few days and restarted again, chances are you’ll get better performance again. Here’s a graph illustrating my point:

(# of clicks w/ a break between June 11 and June 15)

So why not do this automatically with log-in count?

EXAMPLE: Campaign A is targeting 0-50 log in count & 100-150 log-in count and NOT targeting 50-100. This means when a user signs up for POF.com, they’ll see your ads up until they’ve logged in 50 times (0-50 log in count). Then, as soon as they hit log in 51, you give them a “log in count break” and your ads no longer show. Then, your ads reappear to the user after they’ve hit log in count 100-150.

This has worked for advertisers in the past so I hope it works for you too.