Waiting for ad approval is a major part of the game but here are some tips that’ll make the wait less painful.

Tip #1: Our ad approval team is in office between 9am-5pm PST. The busiest times of day are in the morning (large queue from the night before) and 4:30pm (People rushing to get stuff in before end of day). So the best time to upload ads is ~1pm PST when the team has had time to plow through the morning queue and before the 4:30 rush. We have people in on weekends as well!

Tip #2: Imagine uploading an ad, waiting 4 hours and then getting it declined because the image/ad text is non-compliant. Don’t you wish you could have emailed someone first to see the ad was compliant BEFORE submitting the ad into the queue? YOU CAN!!!! Email: ben@pof.com

Tip #3: Measure twice, cut once. Meaning, make sure your ads are 100% compliant so you get them approved the first time around. Resubmitting is not fun so get to know our advertising guidelines!

Tip #3.5: Not really a tip but >> DO SOMETHING ELSE. Nothing makes ad approval slower than if you sit there and constantly refresh your page. So check out some of the older posts on this blog, find other potential images to split test, mastermind with some friends in the industry, watch that episode of Entourage you’ve been putting off, eat a McRib and pass out for 2 hours.. whatever it takes to pass some time!

Next post, I’ll go into what the most common scenarios are for our decline reasons and how to avoid them.

Cheers to smoother ad approvals!