So I’m going to list out our decline reasons and give you the most common scenarios for that decline reason. Hopefully this helps!

* Inappropriate Image: incorrect size, excessively large/unnatural breasts, buttocks focused, lingerie, bikini indoors, actual member of POF
– This reason is self-explanatory but it also applies to offensive images (violent pictures, cruelty to animals.. etc) and also weird images (Asian girl w/ 4 eyes? You know what I’m talking about). Images in the grey area cannot expect consistent ad approvals so keep this in mind when testing ads.

Landing Page: Landing page does not work or is non-compliant (Check redirects in all countries we serve traffic in)
– Check your targeting. Often, landers will only direct to an intended offer in the country that the offer is valid in. Thus, if you leave country targeting out, you’ll be targeting ALL the countries that POF has traffic in! For example, your URL could redirect to BeNaughty in Ireland.

Prohibited Content: Ad text contains sexual content, 100% Free, “plenty of”, Obey, references POF, references the person in the creative, suggests extra-marital dating or promotes alcohol/drug use


Reference to PoF: Ad must not be written in the first person or include names or insult our users.
– Sexual ad text include phrases like “Hook up”, “Casual encounter”, “Married and looking for fun?” etc. requires PG ads so no suggestive ad text.
– No “100% free” in the ad text for dating ads (especially when you write something like 100% sign up, while this may be true, it misleads people to thinking that the offer is 100% free).
– Ads cannot mention POF in the ad text or lander
– Cannot reference the person in the creative with stuff like “He/she loves..”, “Message me..”, “I’m looking for..”

Prohibited Content: Misleading Content or ad contains an element that could be confused with a POF feature.
– Ad’s can’t have things like play button arrows, Facebook LIKE buttons, an X at the top right hand corner to suggest they can close the ad, “Online now” implications, profile information.. nothing misleading people!

Reference to PoF: Ads appearing to be a part of must have an action (sign up, register).
– Your ad text requires a call to action that suggests to our users they are leaving our site (sign up, register). Please note “click here” does not suffice because it does not carry the same indication.

STILL confused? Best to email me for a customized response: