Hey everyone!

As you know, we released the ability to target users accessing POF.com from an iPhone or Android recently. Here’s a 3 part case-study where an advertiser went from choosing his creatives to break-even.

Part 1: Testing offers and ad sizes
Part 2: Tweaking and working out kinks
Part 3: Breaking even/small profit!

“I did decide to scale out my campaigns to the 18-24, 30-34 and 35-39 demographics and was able to realize profits in all demographics using data I compiled from the tests I did in the 25-29 demographic.”

I don’t think he’s going to post the “Part 4: Profit” (who would LOL) but this is a leg up for anyone who’s thinking about doing mobile with PlentyOfFish!.

Oh! And keep your eyes peeled, lots of cool new features coming up in the near future for the ad platform. Y’all know how we love to innovate!