Traditionally, the dominant strategy on has been to select a demographic and then call out that demographic in your ad text. Ex. Targeting 30 year old males and saying “Women love 30 year old men!” But, it’s gotten to the point where everyone’s doing this so it’s not exactly the strategy to have your ads stand out. In other words, it seems like this approach is Old School.

So what now? Where to go? What’s the New School?

My personal OPINION for a new strategy is to consider what types of people your demographic are most likely to find attractive and find IMAGES of these desired people. So, for example, let’s say I’m advertising towards women who drink/smoke often. It’s no secret that people who engage in these behaviors tend to be bigger risk takers than the average population. So, I would use pictures of high-risk men (Google “Bad Ass Man” and you’ll start seeing some themes: tattoos, muscles, motorcycles, combat).

For ad text, it should paint a picture of a desired result. Try something general like “what women want in a man” and you’ll get something like this. I like the “Take On An Activity With Her”, it just jumped out at me. So, my ad text would center around that theme: “Date exciting men who can teach you how to _________ (some examples), sign up free!” or “Date real men who can take on new activities with you, sign up today”. Obviously, the message should match the personality suggested in the photo (ie. don’t show a tattoo’d biker and have the ad say “meet a guy who can teach you how to make candles”).

Another example would be the young women/men for older men/women. Just did a quick Google search and BAM! (bit of a joke site but there are gems! and BAM!

It pays to do a bit of research before advertising to your demographic!

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