So for all the new advertisers on POF, I blogged about the % of users in the various log-in counts in the past:

Breakdown of POF users by log-in count
17% 0-50
11% 50-100
8% 100-150
7% 150-200
6% 200-250
5% 250-300
4% 300-350
3% 350-400
3% 400-450
3% 450-500
2% 500-550
30% 550+

Now, most POF advertisers are exclusively targeting <50 log-in count (pretty old school strategy). So you have 85% of the advertisers fighting over 17% of the traffic! Yet, people still make money!

Everyone knows that <50 log-in count is the kind of stuff that leads to pay bumps but should we ignore the rest of the log-in counts? How many of you can honestly say you took an honest crack at the other log-in counts? Not many!

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Also, what’s with New Zealanders creating great POF tools for everyone? The latest one is an awesome organization tool and can be found here.

Now that you’re in the loop, what’s next?

Well, I’ve given Shannon the task of writing our next blog post: How to advertise to women. This is a subject that I think we can all learn a little bit more about so stay tuned!

Cheers to a productive week & keep a look out for September’s golden ticket!