Part 2!!

Hello Again,

With such a positive reception following my last post, I am very pleased to return for the second instalment of How to Advertise to Women. Receiving feedback and opening up a dialogue with many of you about breathing some new life into your female campaigns has been equally as constructive and educational for me, so I hope we can continue to see some fresh new angles being tested out!

Speaking of dialogue…it has become clear to me that ad text for dating offers has taken a major backseat to images in regards to testing, rotation and new content. I see the same stuff pass through the platform over and over, so chances are if I am uninspired by it, our female users may feel the same way. Although the image may be the most powerful initial attention grabber, we need to keep in mind that unlike men, women are more likely to actually read the ad text, and a little TLC in this forgotten area may give you the edge you need against your competitors to capture the female demographic.

My tips are as follows:

1) Catch my attention ASAP. Use keywords in your ad text that will immediately resonate with a female user. The most powerful words can conjure up images and experiences in our heads, making us more likely to click on an ad that incorporates them. Choose words that symbolize the emotional connection that the user is searching for. Romantic words like candlelight, roses, princess, sunsets, brunch, and pearls, all play into the fairy-tale that so many women crave. As amusing as this may sound to a man, women love being showered in affection, so going over the top is the by far the best way to go with your text.

2) Keep me guessing. Everybody enjoys the chase and the challenges that come with it, so create an experience with different layers and insinuations in your text. Be coy – “WILL HE BE INTERESTED?” or “DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?” or “FIND OUT WHAT HE’S LOOKING FOR.” Testing out phrases that indicate the user is pursuing a man who has choices will heighten the intrigue and capture the click. Attraction has to go both ways, so invite her to investigate further. The site is already chalk-full of ads boasting men who are uncomplicated and ready to commit without question – where is the mystery in that? Try out some images that insinuate a man may have other options, perhaps including another attractive woman. Push the boundaries and do something different!

3) Show me that you are relevant. Women have become pop-culture mavens. We live in a world where everything is fast-paced, and in real time. A world in which entertainment news, reality shows and social media have allowed us to become hyper connected and plugged-in. As an advertiser, make references to topical issues: “AN EARTHQUAKE WOULDN’T STOP THESE GUYS FROM FINDING YOU.” As humorous as this ad text is, it’s also relevant, and completely out of the ordinary. If you aren’t feeling so daring, at least tap into the time of year and mention fall/winter activities, or upcoming holidays, because every girl wants an Adam to her Eve on Halloween.

If the interest continues I will continue to post tips, so be sure to keep contacting me with any feedback or questions you may have at