I’ve noticed recently that a few advertisers have been duplicating the same campaign over and over (literally, 10,000+ campaigns in an account). And many people will wonder why people do this. The short answer is: more traffic.

But it’s not like you duplicate your ads and magically, POF gets more impressions to deliver to you. Instead, you’re basically taking the spot away from a competitor. Let me explain. The 110×80’s have 3 spots from which they can show. Only having 1 campaign ensures a chance to capture 1 spot. Having 2 campaigns gives you a chance to getting 2/3 spots etc. So with 10,000+ campaigns, you have a much better chance of getting your ads shown and pushing out someone else who may be aiming at the same demo you are.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s say you’re hitting Demographic Z with 10,000 campaigns at X CPM. Your competitor has 2 campaigns in Demographic Z with X CPM. The platform will randomly take 1 ad from 1 campaign to show to a user. You have a 10,000/10,002 chance of getting your ad selected while your competitor sits there and wonders why they aren’t getting any traffic. Of course, if they outbid you, then they’ll get first dibs but overall, this is a valid strategy for #WINNING on POF.com.