Hope everyone had an awesome holiday this past week! New Years is coming up and ASW2012 the week after! Be prepared to share epic NYE stories 🙂

Both Shannon and I will be doing private 1:1 meetings with our advertisers to go over your accounts to see where you went wrong and what you can improve on. We both want to actually attend the conference so we won’t be doing this the entire day so spaces are limited! What better way to start 2012 than to get advice from the source!

Ben: ben@pof.com
Shannon: shannon@pof.com

We will try our best to accommodate!

Also, you may have noticed there was no December Golden Ticket. This just means that the upcoming January Golden Ticket can be used TWICE! You should start seeing a lift in all your campaigns now as December winds down and January picks up! I’ve already heard stories of increased CTR’s and ROI’s in the triple digits. So let’s really work hard this next few weeks and have something to celebrate come Affiliate Summit 2012 LAS VEGAS 🙂