Hey everyone! I’ve caught wind of 2 new info products that focus on POF that I think are leaps and bounds above stuff pushed on places like WarriorForum. I’ve personally read through them both and I think there’s much to benefit by getting them. They’re 2 different products but together, they should definitely help you achieve results. No affiliate links here people, just honest, sincere advice to help you master POF.

1) POF Primer: http://pofprimer.com
– Information product
– Shows what everything on our platform does & how to use them
– Includes case studies (external and ones done by Riley)
– Goes over campaign creation, optimizing and scaling in a general sense

2) POF 7-Day Mastery Guide: http://www.ipyxel.com/pof-7-day-mastery-guide/
– Methodology Product
– A proven system created by someone who spends $x0,000/month advertising with us.
– If you want a step-by-step framework to setting up long-term campaigns, this is it.

I think it’s about time I drop some knowledge bomb posts, it’s been a while. Next post, I promise!