Happy Tuesday everyone, let’s get to it.

1. Unique angles make $.

There’s a big one that everyone has kind of glossed over and that’s the eyes. More specifically eye color, it’s a legit criteria for some people. You could even try weird combinations too because those will come with attention grabbing pictures, “Want to date a green-eyed Asian girl?” and find some images of Asian girls w/ contacts on. The weirder the combo, the more attention grabbing the picture (and hopefully higher the CTR). You don’t even have to focus on the eye angle actually, just put in some pics of people with weird contacts in just to grab attention, worth testing!

Oh, you know what’s a really good source for angles? YOUR FRIENDS (or your parents friends…). Just ask them to list off some of the stuff they desire in a partner and build a campaign around it. Because if even ONE of those angles strikes gold, you’ll have enough to treat them to a steak dinner.

2. Start asking your affiliate manager the RIGHT question.

After looking into some networks, I see that most offers can be sorted by “network earnings”, which is great, you know the offer that makes the most $ for the network. But is that going to be the best offer for you, as an affiliate? To advertise the offers that everyone else has advertised and spent a significant $ on? Think about that.

In my opinion, a better question to ask is, “What’s your NEWEST (vertical) offer?” or “What offer do you think looks good but no one runs?”. These will be the offers that are off the radar and thus, unsaturated with less competition. I remember maybe about 6 months back, a new offer that targeted women looking for rich men came on the market. The first few guys to run this offer on POF absolutely KILLED it and then everyone else caught wind and things kind of stabilized. There are advertisers right now that bank on the strangest stuff on POF and I give them props b/c they’ve done the work to find a niche. And no, I’m not going to tell you anything about what they’re doing 🙂