For those who hate reading: If I were you, I’d change my <50 log-in count campaigns to <100 log-in count this week to test. If you want to know why, continue reading.

Of POF’s 7 billion impressions/month, 4 are from the website, 3 are from mobile. Mobile is projected to be 60-70% of our traffic by the end of the year. Mobile is currently growing at 3% a week. So what does this have to do with log-in count? Let me explain.

When a user logs in through the POF app (which is currently ads-free), those log-ins are still counted towards their lifetime log-in count. Almost every mobile user ends up landing on the website eventually, but what’s important to note is that a big % of those users will have accrued over 50 log-ins already. Therefore, you’re going to get a good # of “never seen ads before” users in the 50+ log-ins. 40% of new sign-ups in the US are a result of our apps (

Best part? CPM cost is a lot cheaper outside the <50 log-in count realm. So if you’re a newer advertiser and you’re not wanting to compete against the established pros, 50-150 log-in count is a much better area to learn how to advertise on POF.  Remember, something like 80% of advertisers have their hands in the <50 log-in count demographic. The more competition in a niche, the most people you split profits with. The less competition in a niche, the less people you split profits with. And if you’re the only guy in the niche, CHA-CHIIIIIIIIING (which is why I push for people to constantly use our gajillion targeting options to find new niches).

I have no doubt that going outside <50 log-in count will be highly beneficial to a lot of you. Now you know why.