got a minor facelift yesterday, and by facelift I mean a pic/contact info are now posted on the front page. In case you don’t know what Shannon or I look like, NOW YOU DO! I predict Shannon’s incoming email load will increase 5 fold as a result 😀

Anyway, once you log in, you’ll notice a new field at the bottom right hand corner of the graph. Screenshot:

So, for those who choose to use {creativeid:} in their URL’s, you can now find the campaign that your creative ID is located. And if you don’t know what {creativeid:} does, it basically plugs in your creative’s ID so you no longer have to think of unique sub ID’s for your ads. Works especially well with that bulk uploader we have. So you URL could be “{creativeid:}” for all your ads.

I will be attending the Online Dating Summit conference in Barcelona at the beginning of March, so if any readers would like to meet up there, please let me know and we’ll arrange something.

Hope everyone has a LINteresting weekend, with exceptionally profitable LINks!