Readers, I’d like you to meet Cyndi!

Name: Cyndi Hunter
Height: 5’7″
Education: BA in English/History & BA in Religious Studies, Certificate in Group Facilitation and Certificate in Marketing/PR…learning is my D.O.C (Ben: A degree in Religious Studies AND Marketing? Pick her brain!)
Likes: David Hasselhoff, spontaneous roadtrips, camping, old people, GINGERS, British music, Bob Marley, house parties, overseas travel, lounging in a Thuggie, board games (Vive Catan), caramel, ethnic food, playing guitar, hosting concerts in my house, pranks (I’ve done the best), embarrassing stories (please share), giant buttons, surfing and the smell of fresh asphalt
Dislikes: Bagpipes (sorry), when people order the same thing at a restaurant, narcissists, being in dark places during the day time, Ed Hardy, cake and pancakes.
Favorite Drink: Brown Eyes: Like a Pina Colada but with Amaretto. Divine!
Most Rewarding Life Experience: Doing medical work in Haiti…intense & accidentally groping Joe Biden. Oops.
How do you feel about your new role at POF? Pure Raddness. I am really looking forward to getting to know all the POF Affiliates. So far they’ve been lovely!

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