Bonus points if you know the game!
(Right before the computer destroyed me btw)

Gaming works on POF. Bet you didn’t know that huh? Here are some tips for a successful gaming campaign:

1. Games and Puzzles Targeting
– No brainer here, exclude people who hate games/puzzles.

2. Exclude Mobile Traffic
– Another no brainer, people aren’t going to install 2 gb games on their phones! I would even exclude Safari unless the game was Mac compliant.

3. Gender split test + age split test
– VERY important to the gaming niche. Gaming is extremely gender and age based so you kind of have to know the game before you know who it would appeal to. Women are usually more drawn to the casual games (think iPad type games) whereas you could get away with a less casual game for guys.

4. Frequency cap: 3/day.
–  You do not need as many exposures for gaming as you do for a dating campaign.

5. Running your campaigns after 5pm.
– This is the kicker, no one’s going to sign up and download stuff on a work computer.

6. Low CPM (?)
– I put a (?) on this one because (in my opinion) gaming is one of those low CPM campaigns. Why on Earth would I want you to bid less? Because we’re in it for the long run and sometimes that means offering advice that isn’t all sales oriented. So.. why a low CPM campaign Ben? It’d be more ideal to show someone a gaming ad when they’re bored than when they’re task oriented (say, looking at message or profiles?) and low CPM accomplishes this.

Also, we all know gaming isn’t the highest paying vertical so low initial investment makes financial sense. Are you going to bid $0.60 on a $1.00/lead offer? No. Would you bid $3 CPM or a $5/lead dating campaign? No. I’m sure there’s a golden rule as to CPM bid = % of lead value…. Entirely different blog post though.
As for 110×80 or 310×110? I would go 310×110 because you get to show off more graphics of the game and to make it look more fun. I don’t imagine a “Looking to a {age:} yr old game in {state:}?” being very relevant LOL although it would be super interesting to have those tags in your URL’s so you know who’s clicking on what.

Seeing how many games I play, I should just sign up for my own affiliate links LOL,  it would pay for the bag of chips that’re subsequently consumed.

Happy Tuesday everyone, hope this helps!