Take a second, think back to the very first ad you EVER made money with on POF, now your second? Third? Fourth? Sixteenth?

One striking difference I see in campaigns made by noobies and campaigns made by veterans.. is the # of ads that are inactive but have a history of impressions. That is, veterans hold onto ads that worked previously, noobies tend to cancel their campaigns and move on.

I’ve heard time and time again that an easy way to profit on POF is to re-run an old campaign that burnt out. Given enough time has passed (2-3 months), perhaps it’s time to give the old money makers another try? Maybe that’s why I rarely see new ads in our top spender’s accounts: They simply just cycle through stuff that’s worked for them in the past. Life’s tough when all you have to do to bank is pause and unpause ads.

Do you have a campaign that died 3 months ago that you paused? Maybe the offer died and now you have a sexy new one? It’s worth a shot to re-run old campaigns to see what happens.

Reduce the risk of testing new ads, Reuse your old campaigns and Recycle your ROI.