So you have your ad dialed in with a great CTR, you’ve hooked the potential customer and they’ve clicked. Is your lander convincing enough for them to click through to the offer? With ad copy, I’ve always found that less is more.. people are lazy and don’t like to read. Pictures are great, they’re powerful and can convey messages in seconds that would otherwise take a paragraph to explain.

Let’s take the Single Dad niche for example. You could write stuff like, “Meet men who are….( and write an entire page on this. Or you could show these:


For whatever reason, my gut tells me that a father, teaching his daughter, how to do “boy things” is extremely powerful. I think that father-daughter fishing picture is awesome. I mean come on:

Single moms will think, “I can meet THAT kind of guy if I sign up?”… WIN! Or, if you’re a firm believer in the sex appeal angle then you can still accomplish this:

Anyway, I hope you get my point. Spend more time on your images and think it through. Random shirtless dudes or cleavage-y women don’t lead to good quality for the advertiser! And that means it won’t lead to a long-term advertising career for you. Almost time for the weekend, keep working hard and I promise you that May will be a more profitable month than April.