So I was reading this today,

And it dawned on me that 99% of advertisers will simply port over X campaign that was doing well in X country over to Y country. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

For example mom vs. mum. Do you know which country uses which?

A few points to note from that article:

–  UK, humour is a major part of everyday interaction
–  UK advert looks at the journey (Focus more on the fun of dating)
–  Australians are attracted to fun up-beat images of dating rather than ones of settled happy couples (so a more casual approach)
– American adverts look at the happiness of the success couple, and focuses on the end result.

As for us Canadians, who knows eh! (I wonder if those 2 magical letters will increase CTR/CVR in Canada ads, someone test and let me know eh?)