This week I tested a new angle. It bombed, was in the red. However I tried to take a positive out of that campaign, I found the lander had a decent CTR. So next I tried the same kind of offer, with the same layout lander, but with a different angle. It destroyed, it turned into a $16,000+ day campaign within two days.

Chapter 1 – “The Awakening”.

Over the past few weeks I have been coaching Team ASP for The F5 Hunger Games. At the start we were discussing angles, I was very surprised to find that not many people put much focus on angles.

What do I mean by a “different angles”?

Lets say you have an iPad giveaway offer, some angles for that are; weekly winner, quiz, survey, or a simple iPad giveaway.

For dating, some angles are; exclusivity, privacy and niche appeal.

Every single offer that uses a pin submit as a form of monetization is leveraging a different angle; ringtones, quizzes, giveaway, battery offer, dating, wallpapers.

The beauty of split testing angles is in most cases you don’t need to redesign a whole new lander around it. You just need to switch up the copy.

Chapter 2 – “Unfashionable”.

After giving feedback to quiet a few campaigns. I’ve noticed some trends. Most affs prioritize their split tests like this:

– make a couple of ads.
– make one lander/angle.
– check results.
– split test a different lander titles.
– split test lander images.
– check results.
– make a few more different ads.
– check results.
– split test call to action buttons on the lander.
– check results.

Usually by that point affs would either pack it in because they aren’t profitable, or will be happy that they are profiting and try to spend more.

I’m not saying that strategy is completely wrong…

However a strategy that has worked very well for me goes a little like:

– make a few ads.
– make one lander/angle.
– check results.
– If profitable or break even, if losing split test with a different angle.
– check results.
– make a few more ads.
**Only until I am break even or profitable, I will start changing minor things on my landers.

Yes that does mean a more effort off the bat, but the pay days and margins make it all the more worth while.

Chapter 3 – “Resurrecting The Dead”.

Thinking up angles don’t only apply to new campaigns. Numerous times I have revived “dead” campaigns by flipping the angle on that shit.

STM guide examples:

Enhance rebill campaign with male perspective died. Resurrected with female perspective. That started dieing. Resurrected with scientific twist.

Music quiz ringtones campaign died. Resurrected with movie and tv show themes.

Daily deal “70% off” campaign died. Resurrected with focus on low prices instead of discounts.

Pet campaign “Get a dog training job” died. Resurrected by focusing on potential wages and not the actual job.

Battery app campaign “Improve your battery life” died. Resurrected by focusing on not letting peoples batteries die.

I could go all day!

Chapter 4 – “It’s All You”.

Some of you already now this, only a few will act. Don’t excuse yourself from not doing it because you don’t think you are creative. Google is one click away.

I’m not writing this for the sake of writing. It’s something that I focus on a lot with my personal campaigns.

I know my Hunger Games crew started to financially see the benefits of taking time to understand and implement different angles.

Angles are your friends, but some of you are ignoring them. Learn to love them, and they will love you back and pay you in USDs.