Hey Everyone!

Aziz Kamara over at iPyxel.com made 2 awesome posts for y’all! Super good quality stuff that everyone should know.

First video for newer advertisers: Click Here!

1). Picking an Offer – 00:09
2). Finding an angle for said offer – 01:17
3). Creating an ad – 02:24
4). Layout of a lander – 03:03
5). Tracking with P202 – 03:35
6). Placing creatives in POF – 09:42

I think step 5) is the one where most new affiliates experience problems. HOW THE HECK DO I USE THIS TRACKING202 PLATFORM?? Well, watch the video!

Secondly, Landing Page creation w/ Dreamweaver and Photoshop:
Click Here!

The clear benefit of a landing page is the potential to increase your ROI. Think about it, if you direct link to the offer, you’re stuck with the performance that it delivers because you can’t change it.

With a landing page, you get the opportunity to “pre-sell” and get people excited about the offer, which can lead to an increase in ROI. My suggestion is to run some traffic on a direct link first so you know a baseline to compare your landing page performance to (not all landers are good!). Then tweak as necessary.

If you’re one of those affiliates who are breaking even or have slightly negative ROI, a good lander WILL get you into the positive profit club 🙂

I hope all of our American friends had a fun and safe July 4th! Come back to work with all your fingers y’hear?