I present to you, a once in a lifetime glimpse into an account that had over $xxx,xxx in deposits with us. He was one of my favourite affiliates to work with and I basically built this guy from the ground up. Unfortunately, sometimes life throws you curveballs and you’re forced to deal with them but he was kind enough to allow me to educate everyone on a strategy that has worked for him and will work for you.

Here’s a glimpse into his account

His strategy was extremely low bids (<$0.20), super targeted campaigns and LOTS of them. In creating so many campaigns, he utilized THIS STRATEGY

His initial cost for traffic was so low and the ROI from targeted campaigns was so high that it just worked. I asked him how he was able to track 3000+ campaigns and he said, “I didn’t….it was total profit/spent per day”. Keep it simple right? Disregard CTR and just look at money in and money out.

Just another way to make money on POF!