Burn out happens. It’s a reality that every advertiser faces after running their ads non-stop. First stage burn out is at the ad level: Your CTR drops steadily because people are used to seeing the same old ad. No big surprise here.. but eventually you will encounter a situation where your ROI doesn’t come back even after refreshing ads. One possible explanation is that your offer is saturated.

Here’s what NOT to do when this happens:
1) Exclaim, at the top of your lungs, that POF sucks
2) Exclaim, at the top of your lungs, that your network is scrubbing you
3) Exclaim, at the top of your lungs, that affiliate marketing is dead
4) Quit.

My recommendation is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a backup offer. It may not have performed AS well as your original offer but when your original offer saturates and generates a negative ROI, that backup offer doesn’t look all that bad! This is where an effective relationship with your Affiliate Manager comes in. Just ping them and BAM, they’ll be able to give you stuff to test. Just make sure the offers are similar.. if your ad/lander is setup for a serious relationship offer, make sure your backup is as well.

Remember, the average online dater is a member of 3 sites. We’re usually 1 of them because we’re super awesome but y’know, people like choice.

Think of this like a store with 1000 potential customers. Week 1, you have a sale for RED apples, and 600 buy it. Next week, RED apples are only going to appeal to 400 potential people. The week after, you decide to sell GREEN apples (switching your up ads) and maybe you get 800 people interested again. But eventually, they’re going to get sick of apples. All of a sudden, you hit everyone up with a sale for oranges and BAM, you suddenly have 1000 potential customers again. Get my drift?

You can saturate an offer but you cannot saturate a demo. People like trying new things, just make sure you’re the supplier