A Swedish Psychologist named Anders Ericsson conducted research on elite athletes and concluded that ANYONE could become an elite athlete given a minimum of 10,000 hours practice. To break this down, it means 3 hours/day, every day, for 10 consecutive years. Quite a claim! But that got me thinking…

Is there a similar minimum hour/financial requirement for internet marketers to go from “newbie” to “intermediate” to “elite” on POF? I naturally got curious and looked at the individuals who I consider heavy hitting, long term affiliates, I started to see a trend. The good news is it won’t take 10,000 hours to become GOOD at advertising on POF 😉

The average seems to be roughly 2 months with funds around the ~$6000 mark (~$100/day for 60 days).

If you think about it, $6000 is an investment in your education. Traditionally, $6000 won’t get you very far in college (ESPECIALLY nowadays) – but it will get you somewhere on POF! Unlike college, real life gives you the test first and the lessons later, which in my opinion, makes real life a much better teacher. Plus, the better you get, the more money you’ll make on your investment right? College doesn’t pay your for attending classes but online marketing will!

Just remember that Cyndi (cyndi@pof.com) and I (ben@pof.com) are both here to help and we both love watching people go from “newbie” to “intermediate” to “elite”