Rules for Female Images

1. Size: No breasts larger than the woman’s head. (this sets the tone for the rest of the post LOL).

2. Cleavage: A tasteful amount of cleavage is OK. We draw the line where the cleavage starts to depart, near the bottom of the breast. Here are some examples of non-compliant images that my magical Microsoft Paint skills have then made complaint:

Declined ———————– Approved

3. No nipples poking through

4. No lingerie (bras, panties, corsets etc)

5. No bikinis INDOORS, outdoors is fine

6. No bum focused images where the main focal point of the image is the bum.

7. No sexual poses. I couldn’t find anything that was sexual poses but PG so I went with the next best thing: Yoga poses

So, ladies and gentlemen, I hope this clarifies things a bit. Follow these rules and you’ll have a much better time with ad approvals and thus, will really decrease your split testing times.

OH! And male images, as long as you don’t show their junk, you’re most likely to get approved LOL