I’ll admit, this is a topic that I haven’t explored much since POF doesn’t get to see the whole conversion side of things so I’ve enlisted the help of a few friends! (Listed in the order in which they responded to my request to help out!)

Vito Glazers of CPA TANK
The main thing affiliates can do to increase their quality to the point of getting a raise from the merchant is;

A) Don’t mislead what the final end result is going to be. Get familiar with the dating sites you are promoting. Many offers, especially in the mature dating category, are not typical dating sites, they are matchmaking services. So saying things like “Join Free to Browse Profiles” is going to get you a lot of sign ups but your backend quality won’t be good if the website doesn’t offer any profiles to browse. Know what the advertiser will deliver after the customer has signed up and build your creatives to create those expectations; Make sure the customer knows what they are in for/actually getting.

B) Include detailed directions of what to the customer needs to do to be a good customer. For example, go into their Email and Opt In or whatever additional instruction will ensure a higher quality customer to the advertiser. A short Video on the Landing Page or directions on what to do after they have already signed in lead to engagement beyond just the signup which ultimately leads to the advertiser having more of a chance and getting revenue from them. Inform your customers how to be better customers.

C) Prepare them. Depending on the offer you are pushing, the customer may receive a phone call or EMail. Build those expectations into your ad copy and creatives. This is all about spin. You can tie it in without making it seem negative, for example let’s say you’re running an Auto Insurance offer instead of saying Enter your info to receive a free quote, say something like Enter your info to receive a call to lower your quote! Don’t miss the call to big savings!

The warmer the customer/lead the happier the advertiser will be and the more they will be able to share bigger portions of the profits with you.

Luke Kling of Peerfly
Create your own landing page to develop your own angle to get the user engaged, but don’t create a false promise. Sure, telling the user they’re 100x more likely to get a response on might get a better conversion rate, but they’ll probably never return if that doesn’t happen. Your goal should be to get conversions and create value for both the advertiser and the user. Once you figure that out you’ll have all your affiliate managers hitting you up for more volume. Volume + Quality = Pay Bump and that’s not a false promise ๐Ÿ™‚

Ryan Eagle of EWA
I’m pretty sure it’s all entirely in the adcopy and the demographic targeting; obviously younger demographics yield less because there is less money. But also adcopies that are non-relative or suggest the consumer will get something ‘free’ or even allude to it in anyway reduces quality drastically

Brad Dobbins of Clickbooth
1. Make sure that your creatives accurately represent the campaign. By keeping a consistent message all the way through to the offer page you are much more likely to provide the advertiser with a more valuable consumer. Publishers that provide a more valuable consumer often receive “specialized” payout bumps on the campaign strictly due to the quality of leads they are generating.

2. Find out what metrics back out the best for the advertiser and adjust your targeting to match. Publishers that effectively target the highest quality traffic for the advertiser are more likely to receive higher payouts and the ability to remain on the campaign for the longevity of the offer.


Thank you gentlemen for your insights! The theme seems to be, “Do not lie to the people you’re marketing to”. When you’re in it for the long run, this is definitely the best course of action.

Please note that mentioning that you run on will greatly increase your approval times for signing up to any of these networks ๐Ÿ™‚