You would be best served by advertising to a demographic that you’re knowledgeable right? Maybe you have insight in a certain demographic that you aren’t even aware of!

What is this magical demographic?

The answer is: YOU

Are you a 20 yr old marketer that understands #SWAG? Or are you a 40 yr old marketer who has 10+ years of dating experience? Do you speak another language? What do you have that you could leverage? Maybe it’s common knowledge to you but to the rest of the world, it’s new and exciting!

For example, today I just found out that the US has drive through banks w/ suction tubes for delivery like the Jetsons cartoon. There aren’t any around in my area of the city but if I saw an ad for that, I’d sign up just to try it… (kind of like, if you had a relative unique angle for your dating ad, people would sign up just to try it!).

Oh.. and BE MORE SPECIFIC. There’s many more characteristics attributable to specifics:

– “Date an athletic girl” is boring.. “Date a Gymnast” is more exciting.
– “Date an athlete” is boring, “Date an MVP” is more exciting.

Anyway, I digress LOL don’t want to pack 1 blog post with too much gold.