We have decided to remove the “Previously Converted” targeting option because we thought that we could do better. It’s a very cool option, don’t get me wrong, but you guys deserve the best so here it is.

Instead of targeting people who have converted on a global level, we are now offering the ability to EXCLUDE people who have already converted on YOUR stuff… at a CAMPAIGN level.

This will allow you to no longer show your ads to someone once they’ve been tagged as a converter. In other words, you will not continue to spend $ on people who have already signed up to whatever you’re advertising. In a sense, POF is optimizing for you šŸ™‚

We chose to do it this way because we recognize that affiliates could be running multiple campaigns with multiple offers so we didn’t want to limit you in any way. Meaning, someone who has converted on campaign A will no longer see ads from campaign A but will still continue to see ads from campaign B.

Eventually, when you run enough traffic to a single campaign (millions of impressions), your campaign will basically be a list of people who have signed up. So now, you have a campaign full of converters that you can now use to target with another offer šŸ™‚ So I predict that one day, you’ll “flip the switch” on this campaign with a new offer and be instantly profitable.

Like the “clickers” (ability to target people by how many ads they’ve clicked) option, we have decided to add this feature to the small ad campaigns exclusively (110×80 text ads and 310×110 small banners). That is where all the inventory is so this is where it’ll be most useful! The minimum deposit for this feature will be $500.

So I repeat, this option is only useful when:
a) You implement our conversion pixel on your offer
b) You run enough traffic, the more you run, the more beneficial this option is
c) Have multiple offers to test out šŸ™‚

Cheers to a most profitable long term campaign,


PS. This is not to mention the kick-ass conversion report you get as a result of using our pixel too!