WhatRunsWhere.com is a competitive intelligence service for online media buying. You basically use their software to check out what other companies are doing on other traffic sources for an inspiration to your own campaign.

The guys over wanted to deliver an early holiday gift to my readers so here’s 3 months free, just use THIS LINK!

Hopefully this helps in getting your creative juices flowing for your next POF campaign.

I would recommend you get yourself setup because the BIG ROI$$$ season is only 2 weeks away! Think about it. Right after Christmas is New Years Eve and singles are HIGHLY MOTIVATED to find someone to spend NYE with so the chances of them signing up to a dating site increases dramatically. Then, after New Years Eve, millions of singles will be disappointed by their night (This includes people already in a relationship!), and thus, putting them in another HIGHLY MOTIVATED state of mind. The next time this HIGHLY MOTIVATED state of mind occurs is after Valentines so get it while it’s good!