This post is beneficial to those who can make a landing page for their offer.

There has been a lot of literature on how a landing page can help increase your conversion rates, which is 100% true. But not many people talk about what little extra things you can add to a landing page to help you squeeze more juice out of that click. So here’s a brief overview of some extra goodies that can potentially increase your ROI.

1) Exit Popup. You know that little window that says STOP! BEFORE YOU LEAVE… bla bla bla. Yeah, that helps ~10%.

2) Capturing emails. This is a field that prompts the user to submit their email before seeing that sweet offer you’re promoting. If you capture people’s emails, this allows you to “build a list” and market to them in the future. So, for example, if you are doing dating and you’ve captured a dating email.. 1 week down the road you can send them a link to a dating info-product!

3) Pop Unders. This is a window that pops under the original landing page so upon closing the window, the user sees another offer.

Keep in mind that all parts MUST be POF compliant, otherwise you’re risking your account with us. The only one that we would be absolutely unable to follow up on is #2…………
Once you implement these, you’ll be able to afford to buy more volume, get a better placement via higher CPM and hopefully take home a larger pay cheque 🙂

Reminder that nDemand is going to take POF’s biggest affiliate (biggest spend Jan to Aug) to Hawaii with then in November! Regardless if you work with them or not so … GET TO WORK haha 🙂