Disclaimer: This post has nothing advertising related, it’s just cool.

If you haven’t heard, we threw a contest for couples that met on POF and are engaged to get married! The winning couple gets $100,000! There are 6 finalists and they’re listed here:


It’s easy to forget about the bigger picture when you’re so focused on your campaigns but I’d like to take this chance to remind you that you do play a role at POF. The advertisements are what keeps the engines running at POF. So pat yourself on the back and know that you are contributing to the happiness of millions of people around the world. My only hope is that you’re making enough return to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

You know what’s funny about this whole contest? The fact that I met my fiancée on POF and we’re getting married this year but I don’t qualify to win the $100k! ARGH! If I had won, you’d better believe you’d all be invited to THE BEST wedding of your life LOL