I read an AWESOME case study on STM that compared a landing page’s load time with the performance of that lander, here is the study:

First, they recorded the load speed of the same landing page.




Then measured to see how many people would click through to the landing page! The results were amazing!!!

Landing Page: Slowest, received an average CTR of 3.6%

Landing Page: Average, received an average CTR of 5.5%

Landing Page: Fastest, received an average CTR of 7.8%more than TWICE the CTR of the Slowest LP. In other words, more than 2x as many people made it to the offer page when compared to the slowest lander.

Many of you use landers but did you think to account for how fast the thing loaded? Well.. you should 🙂 Thanks again Stackthatmoney.com for allowing me to share the results of your AWESOME case study!