Hey Readers,

Happy April Fools! While the rest of the world tries to trick you, we’re going against the grain here and delivering another info-packed case study! My friends over at iPyxel tested landing page resolutions to see if it had an impact on their ads. So basically just making the page larger or smaller! The results are going to surprise you!

They tested 3 resolutions:

1024×768 – “Low-Resolution”
1366×768 – “Mid-Resolution”
1920×1080 – “High-Resolution”

Click here to see which one has the highest CTR! Read on…

Click here to see which one has the highest CVR! Read on…

Drumroll please! Which one ended up making the most profit!

Isn’t that crazy? What struck me was that the low res landing page had over 3x the conversion rate of the high res landing page. Why do you think that is? We certainly don’t know LOL.

For the details (which landing page they used, targeting etc…) Check out the iPyxel blog!