Hey Readers! We have Wendy Kam Marcy from WRW here today to give you all 6 proven $ making tips. Wendy Kam Marcy has been working in the online marketing and advertising industry for 7 years. Plugged in, she is a Lifestyle Blogger and the Marketing Manager for WhatRunsWhere.com (a competitive intelligence platform for display and mobile advertising). Unplugged, she’s a foodie, globetrotter, amateur photographer, and cupcake eater. Twitter: @wendykammarcy

Disclaimer: not all the ad examples she gives are POF compliant.

Online dating is one of the most popular niches for advertisers and also one of the most competitive. The good news is that dating campaigns are non-exhaustive — people love to date and there are no shortage of singles out there!

This handy infographic answers the question “does online dating really work” and provides clear evidence that the digital dating trend is still on the rise. For users, 40 million people have visited or used an online dating site in 2012, and the businesses that help people find love generate a healthy profit of $5-105m annually.


So how can you create compelling ads that stand out when there are plenty of fish already out there running the same offer as you? Try these six proven money making tips…


There is nothing fancy about these ads, font and otherwise. The girls are cute but they are not over the top glamorous. From experience, amateur photos perform much better so go easy on Photoshop. Both men and women can relate to the next-door types because they are real and “attainable”. Collages and Pinterest layouts also work well because they are attention grabbers.

Localize Your Ads


These types of ads engage users directly and appeal to instant gratification. There is no excuse to wonder if you will meet someone within 5 miles of where you live or within a preferred age group. These ads are also great for skeptics or people who feel like they don’t have time to browse through dozens of profiles because it reinforces that they will only see local singles in a select postal/zip code and who are of a targeted age.


The advertiser accomplished making these ads clean, sleek and packed with interesting information. Since these banners are super specific, they may not get tons of clicks over more generic ads but you can expect a higher conversion rate.

Play on the emotions of love, fear and greed.


Ads that are taunting like this one get attention and delivers a powerful message. No one wants to be left out!
Headers such as “Let’s Go On A Date” or “Looking For Love?” gets tiring fast plus it’s obvious why they are on a dating site. Instead ask a question “How About A Night Out On The Town?” or state a benefit “Let Me Take You Out For Dinner”. The more specific, the better. I’ve got above average CTR’s with ads where I actually mention the names of expensive restaurants. These types of ads especially appeal to women who enjoy the finer things in life and are seeking to be wined and dined.

Use Clean Copy


Not all dating ads have to look like dating ads and that’s why I love these dynamic banners. The messaging is simple, humorous and we can all relate.


Also don’t just stick to ads showing couples falling in love or muscular hunky guys. State the facts and let potential users know what’s in it for them if they sign-up.

Have A Strong Call-To-Action

You got their attention, now tell them what to do next… Browse Singles Now, Get Them Here, See Pics Now and Click To Browse are all examples of enticing a user to click. I recommend staying away from using the word “free” just because it diminishes the quality of leads.

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