Readers! Here’s a juicy tip for you to help monetize those female campaigns. When targeting females, have you ever considered using female images in your dating campaigns? Women are OK with seeing other women, which is why this is a female only tip. This does NOT work for males.

DO NOT SHOW IMAGES OF MALES TO STRAIGHT MALES, they will lose their minds and you will lose your investment.

The best thing of using women to women, is that they don’t have to be super bombshell hot looking women either, so this really opens up the spectrum of the types of images you can use. Think of it as a “if it worked for her, this product will work for me”, type of angle. Also, the MAJORITY of dating ads targeting women use male images so females automatically stand out.

Happy testing! We’re right smack in the middle of summer, ie. the best time for dating ads so hit it hard now so you have no regrets come Christmas time (things slow down around Christmas).