Hello Readers!

Time for some real talk.

You have competitors… lots and lots of competitors. Your niche campaigns will compete vs other niche campaigns, vs. generic campaigns in the same vertical and even vs. campaigns in other verticals but targeting the same demo. One way to gain an advantage over your competitors is to have more players in the game! Let me explain.

By creating more than 1 campaign targeting the same demographic, you essentially create more competition for everyone else who’s doing that demo. This is kind of like the “dupe you campaign for more traffic” trick but instead of burning out your duped campaign’s CTR, you can maintain performance as long as the 2 campaigns are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. So, this is competing against yourself (while creating more competition and making it harder for your competitors). The advantage here is that with 2 campaigns, you can profit from both of them without burning either one out too quickly.

Ex. You have an offer that sells oranges. Instead of 2 campaigns that all have the same ads and promote how tasty oranges are (the taste angle), you put one taste angle campaign up and one nutritional benefit campaign up… then one night you have too many drinks and decide to upload a “apples suck, try oranges” campaign as well 😀 Now you own 3 angles in the same niche that your competitors need to try to beat. Instead of 3 oranges in the same basket (3 duped same campaigns), you now have 3 oranges in 3 baskets! So if one of your oranges dries up, you’ve got 2 more to help generate juice.

Trust me, I don’t think there’s 1 person who absolutely dominates a particular niche on POF. Maybe it’s time this person steps forward and claims their throne.

Let the games begin!