This case study is brilliant! They did the “gamer” angle with consistent 100%+ ROI success! Details are on their blog!

It’s also worth it to note, they monetized 18-21 year old males.. a demo that is traditionally overlooked because “you can’t make money” on that demo. Well, you’re wrong and there’s proof! Just need the right angle. Good job gents!

No doubt they used their POFpro software to achieve these results so make sure you’re equipped with the tools to get you RESULTS. The tool is free for 30 days (no credit card required) and costs 2% of your spend (min $3/day, max $450/mo). Totally worth it IMO. Also, Tom is a good friend of mine so we worked out a deal to get you 50% of your first paid month back to you in the form of POF credits. Just make sure you use this link to sign up so we can track who gets credits.

To be honest the gamer angle isn’t something new.. but there just wasn’t anyone doing it. Also, note that the average age of a gamer is in their 30’s so I think you could replicate this case study with success if you scaled it past 18-21 yr old males.

So… are you noticing a trend based on my last few blog posts? Are you still wondering how to make money on POF?