So last night, it dawned on me & Markus that mobile users log-in a hell of a lot more than web users. For example, we checked out a certain time frame (forget what it was) and a web user logs in 8 times but a mobile app user logged in 32 times for that same time frame!! Since web users and mobile app users all share the same log-in count, a LOT of brand new users were blowing through <50 log-in count extremely quickly (some within 1 day).

So, we're introducing a new targeting option to deal with this issue to ensure you capture more of those juicy new users. The new option will be "months since signup" where you can target people by time period (regardless of log ins). So something like "targeting a user who has been registered for 0-30 days, 31-60…. 180+ etc" You should see a NICE increase in <50 login count quality impressions using this option.

You do lose out on the people who log into POF once every 2-3 weeks but I don't think those people are all that motivated to online date, let alone pay for an online dating offer anyway. This is live on the ad platform as I write this post but will take this afternoon to be implemented on Either way, this is a game changer ladies and gentlemen!!