Hello friends,

I’m excited for this change! So, previously, if you signed up to POF as a new user, you would not see 300×250 ads. As of today, NEW USERS SEE 300×250 ADS ONCE MORE! If you haven’t tested this size out in a while, I suggest you try it out with “Months Since Signup” to get at these brand new users via another ad size!

Second item of business, the health angle works. Tested and verified by multiple affiliates šŸ™‚ In my opinion, the ads I’ve seen with the health-angle can be very much improved upon. Let’s see who can figure out the best health-related angle to reap in TONS of $$$! To the victor goes the spoils!

Third, yesterday, I was promoted to Advertising Manager at POF! Which means I get to take on larger projects that involve working with some of the POF team that I previously haven’t had a chance to work with. This is exciting for me and for you because who knows what kind of crazy awesome stuff we can come up with šŸ™‚ If you had a wacky suggestions, I’d love to hear them! Give me your ideal, best case, wildest feature and we’ll see if we can make it come true.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Vancouver’s in for a wind/rain storm, which means it’s going to be a video game/movie weekend for me!

Until next time,